Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Melanie creates an atmosphere where crowds get lost in the deep grooves of her sonic experience, compelling bodies to move and time to slip away. Her sexy underground sound has led to several DJ residencies including Northbound Leather, Girl Ill House You , Music is the Answer and HER  parties. This foxy DJ is most loved for her positive energy and creation of an inclusive environment with eclectic mixes, including world sounds, R&B, hip-hop, house and reggae.


Her career highlight so far was a major fundraiser with Music Is The Answer and Doctors Without Borders, where they raised over $100,000. “For me, it’s all about bringing people together in the experience of movement, sound and soul. It’s the driving force behind social movements and community engagement, and that’s my driving force. To spread the love, and deliver an emotive experience regardless of genre, tempo or release date”.